Making sure the final green wall product meets all your expectations is our mission - and our experience makes our 100% satisfaction guarantee possible. We've worked with every system out there, we know what to ask, the timing and staging of materials, and most importantly - the final installation.


The nuances and details of each green wall system and their differences in installation can be quite challenging the first few times through the process. Trying to work directly with green wall system providers who are usually located remotely is difficult, especially so when you don’t know the right questions to ask or where the pitfalls in a living wall installation can occur.

Learning as you go is a frustrating and time-consuming process and usually ultimately leads to a less than satisfactory outcome for what is supposed to be a show-piece installation in your building. No one who installs a green wall wants this – and GWS exists to ensure this never happens.

With 10+ years of green wall installation experience on our team, The GreenWall Source team knows the right questions to ask of not just the system vendors, but the other sub-contractors on the job site, and where the problems in the installation can and will occur. GWS handles every step of the build process from the moment the design is complete to the moment the wall is fully planted and turned on.

Activities include:

  •      • Complete materials quantities calculations and ordering
  •      • Materials scheduling, delivery & staging on-site
  •      • Permitting
  •      • Equipment rentals
  •      • Construction operations and safety reviews
  •      • Sub-contractor vendor coordination (electrical/plumbing/lighting)
  •      • Plant Installations
  •      • Systems Documentation for building personnel

GreenWall Source is staffed by long-time construction industry professionals with over 40+ years cumulative experience leading specialty construction projects. GWS prides itself on our flexible process that is designed to easily integrate with each of our customer’s process to ensure all project communications, tracking and reporting needs are met throughout the life of the project.

Our staff includes the following professional building credentials:

  •      • LEED AP BD + C
  •      • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  •      • Landscape Architect
  •      • American Welding Society – Certified Welder


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