We work with you to understand the space and the overall goal of the green wall, whether that be aesthetics or Indoor Air Quality or some other driving factor. We then select the proper system and refine your concept into a final design, providing all the necessary architectural and mechanical drawings.

Designing Your Green Wall

Designing a green wall installation is a complex process with many considerations, variables. We start by listening to our customers to understand exactly what it is they are looking for from a green wall. Are they looking to make an artistic statement or actually to change the environment in the interior of the building? Where are they looking to put this wall? Each situation is unique and each building has different needs and each client has a different end goal. Understanding all of these needs and helping choose from all the different green wall systems on the market is our strength at GWS.

Often, to complete a green wall build, end-customers take on the process themselves and directly engage the green wall system vendors. They then find themselves working with multiple vendors on subject matter which they have very little experience, and as such, they become dependent upon the usually remotely located green wall system vendors to provide all the expertise on the installation. It can be daunting. GreenWall Source solves this issue by taking the lead for our clients and handling all interactions with the system vendor and all associated trades.

Step two is picking the perfect system to fit the situation. This is the most important part of the process and GWS has the knowledge and experience that no other green wall builder has. Most companies who build green walls work with one system exclusively and will recommend this single system for every situation, and we all know the old saying – if a hammer is the only tool you have, every problem looks like a nail.

GreenWall Source works with 10+ different green wall systems and has the knowledge and impartiality to pick between them to find the perfect system for our clients needs. GreenWall Source has strong relationships with all the major green wall system vendors in the industry and know not only the right questions to ask, but the right people to talk to at each company! GWS makes the process painless for our customers by handling all the details with the vendor.

Once the design has been finalized and the system vendor selected, GreenWall Source will provide all necessary design services, including:

  •      • Lighting studies and recommendations
  •      • Shop and Mechanical drawings (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lighting) for construction
  •      • Green wall technical operations manual


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