Once a green wall is installed, making sure it looks better every month should be the expectation. Or maybe you want to switch out the plants in the wall quarterly for a fresh seasonal look. Keeping your wall looking good keeps us looking good - we are your long-term green wall partners.


Green walls, once constructed, are not stand alone items that are self-sufficient. They do need a bit of TLC each month to maintain their condition and to look their best. All of the GWS installations come with either a 1 or 2 year maintenance contract, with the first 3 months having visits twice a month to ensure all systems are performing as expected.

Maintenance activities include:
• Checking and pruning all vegetation, removal of plant debris, and installation of plant replacements.
• Full mechanical check of all living wall mechanical systems, including:

  •      – Electrical and Irrigation components
  •      – Check of irrigation nozzles at top of wall to ensure even distribution & water flow
  •      – Flow sensor alarm, and Water pumps
  •      – Y filter/strainer cleaning as well as the removal of any floating debris in the tank and desalinization of tank
  •      – Check water basin quality (pH, Sodium levels)

• All followed up with a monthly maintenance report detailing wall conditions, work performed and photos of the wall.


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