Our Vendors

Our Vendors are leaders in the green wall industry – with systems that have been proven time and again over the years in hundreds of installations.

Whether you are looking for an active green wall system to filter the air in your building, one that has the ability to switch out plantings rapidly and often or just for the system that gives you a stable wall and the lowest maintenance levels for the longest period of time. We will guide you to the best green wall system fit for your needs – even if it isn’t one of our industry vendors. Being a vendor doesn’t mean we have a vested interest in working with them – it just means we have a great relationship and get work done more efficiently and quickly as a result! We then direct all of the final Design/Build activities for our clients, utilizing our years of experience installing each of the different systems means we can streamline a confusing build process and make sure all the right questions are asked and prep work is done like no other vendor can. The end result is the perfect green wall for your space!