Washington, DC

GreenWall Source of Service: Design/Build/Maintain

The sole focus of GreenWall Source in Washington, DC is to create a natural and lively vegetation environment within a built environment. You may ask yourself, “What exactly is a green wall?" It is an exterior or interior green wall that has been designated to create and build a plant-life environment. The build can be inside of a business, company, or corporate workplace to improve indoor air quality or outside to provide a plant-life environment, with the relaxing beauty, of an outdoor green wall space. Whatever the design, whether personal enjoyment or to bring natural space into a professional environment, a beautiful green wall system can be created for all to enjoy. GreenWall Source in Washington, DC is your one-stop designer, builder, and maintainer of a living wall system.

The services that they provide, in the designing of a green wall installation, starts with them understanding the space to be used and the overall design goal for that space. They study the indoor quality and work toward narrowing down, the 10+ different green wall designs, that will be the best fit for the chosen space. They provide architectural and mechanical drawings to provide a visual of design and the construction build. Whether the design is to make an artistic statement or provide a change of environment, they work with the best in the green wall industry, to create the vertical gardening systems, that will have the most impact both visually and environmentally. As they work toward the finalization of design, they do lighting studies and provide the best recommendations that will highlight the space. They have worked toward building strong relationships with green wall system in Washington, DC vendors so they can provide the best green wall service in the industry.

With over 10+ years of green wall installation experience in Washington DC, the build mission, is to make sure the end product exceeds the initial expectation. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are meticulous, every step of the way, in the building process. They make sure the design is complete and the wall is fully planted and turned on. They provide, in their step-by-step process, everything needed for a successful green wall system build. They order all needed materials and supplies and purchase all required permits. They order equipment rental and make sure operations and safety are in compliance. They coordinate all sub-contractors and plant installations and maintain the system’s documentation. They are staffed by building professionals with over 40+ years of construction experience leading specialty projects. Their building and construction staff consists of Project Management Professionals who specialize in the building and constructing of living wall systems, Landscape Architects who specialize in the construction of Biophilic walls, and Certified Welders in Washington, DC.

Maintenance is a continued service that is provided to keep the outdoor and indoor living wall system lively and mechanically functioning. Maintenance is provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. The maintenance service consists of checking and pruning all vegetation. The removal of plant debris. The installation of plant replacements and a full mechanical check on all operations.

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